The Shootout

For the second time Tatu Baby found herself in the Final Four, the title within her grasp. All skills would be tested as the artists used custom designs from past celebrity judges Chuey Quintanar, Troy Dennings, Corey Miller, and  Seth Ciferri.

They would also be tattooing the same canvas at the same time. Then the artists will get a fresh canvas completely open to whatever the artist wants. No excuses that way.

Each tattoo was designed to test the particular flaws of the artists, and some of them came through just fine. Others, like Kyle and Tatu Baby, struggled. Oliver came dangerously close to telling Tatu Baby that she’s been trading on her looks for the seven years she’s been in the tattoo business. She clearly has talent, and skill, but she just as clearly swerves from good to bad and routinely misses the fundamentals.

Design by Troy Dennings rendered by Tatu Baby

Kyle absolutely killed the  Seth Ciferri tattoo that he was assigned. Unfortunately, his original came out too dark and hard to read. They decided it wasn’t good enough for the final three.


The fuck is going on here?

The fuck is going on here?


The judges made their decision, and Kyle was sent on his way, which kinda sucks. America had sent Tatu Baby back, she was going to go as far as they could let her go without shafting a more deserving competitor. Yes, including Craig Foster, who just could not do Black and Gray, and that is why he won’t be in the top three.

Kyle, however, is a different story. He had been in the middle of the pack, occasionally bobbing to the top. Tatu Baby, however, kept jumping up and diving down the whole season. At least Kyle will have an opportunity for a second chance at the live finale.

The artists, on the other hand, would be going home to a Master Canvas waiting to receive a 35 hour tattoo. Let’s see what they come up with.


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