The Sinking of the Lulz Boat

Photo by Aurich Lawson, stolen from Ars Technica.

While checking the news this morning, I saw an article on one of my favorite tech web sites, and thought I would include it here. Four more members of the hacker collective Anonymous have been sentenced to prison in a London courtroom for various computer crimes. And this time, there was no one there dressed in black, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. This time, there were no shows of moral support.

Topiary, Kayla, Tflow, and Ryan Cleary (no hacker tag listed) have all plead guilty to the charges set before them and now face 2-10 years each. Apparently they were quiet, possibly because of the lack of supporters that normally show up at these events. Or maybe they just knew that the time for bravado had come and gone, maybe they are now aware that their actions have consequences.

All four were caught due to betrayal by prominent Anon Sabu, who folded like an empty  wallet when the police showed up at his door. Unlike Sabu, however, these four apparently didn’t break their legs trying to roll over on their fellow Anons in a bid to escape punishment, so they are clearly more committed to the cause than Sabu was.

This was a significant blow not only to Anonymous, but to the image of the Female Hacker since 16 year old coding superstar Kayla is actually a 26 year old man.

The US government has been handing out so0me pretty insane prison sentences to computer hackers lately, and even worse it has begun expanding the definition of what constitutes “hacking” to such extremes that it is starting to have a chilling effect in computer security research since independent researchers (hackers) are now in very real danger of going to prison just for following their curiosity.

One thing is certain, however, Anonymous is not going to shut down operations because some of their members have been captured. The true power of Anonymous is that true leaders will always emerge and they will provide direction to those who already possess purpose and motivation.

The end of Capitalism is upon us, the death knell has been sounded for the corpooratocracy, and they do not intend to go quietly. There will be more arrests of Anons, but that will only serve as a lesson to the others, and they will learn to camouflage their Internet signatures more carefully, truly becoming anonymous.

The Anonymous Files

I think I will start a category for posting articles about 4chan that I find interesting. I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Anonymous, as Spiderbro will attest.  It’s just that their lynch-mob mentality too often turns into just that:  a lynching.

This morning I found this article on Wired about Barrett Brown who claims to be a spokesman for Anonymous.


Hi, I’m Anonymous.



He was asking for trouble when he threatened to expose the FBI agents personal information onto the Internet. You cannot threaten Authority and truly believe you will be allowed to walk away unscathed.  The foundations of Society are predicated on the belief that the legitimate use of force has been reserved by Authority which is ultimately accountable to the People.



If you truly believe that Authority is corrupt then you must be prepared for them to exert their full power on you.  Do not antagonize them with grandiose, incoherent diatribes then cry foul when they arrest you.  Be the Revolutionary you claim you are and accept your fate with the stoicism of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Sean Connery in The Rock.