Is That Racism?

Over the weekend the world was shocked when well of evil TMZ released audio of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling arguing with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. The source of the argument seems to be that Ms. Stiviano (who is half black-half Mexican) has recently posted some photos on Instagram. The photos weren’t racy or out of control, unless you happened to live in the 19th Century American South.

This was actually a big concern for some people at one point.

You see, Ms. Stiviano had apparently been taking photos with basketball legend and unapologetic Negro Magic Johnson, among other known black people. This was apparently unacceptable to Sterling who , while apparently completely content with the idea of her bringing Johnson over to the house and fucking him (I’m not making that up), he draws the line at her publishing photos of herself with black people, or bringing them to his games. Did I mention that Donald Sterling owns the LA Clippers, the NBA team?

This story seems so bizarre that it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening. It’s been twenty years since the Marge Schott incident in baseball, and here we are again. This time, however, the team owner in question isn’t just casually throwing out racial slurs while butt-chugging vodka (That was a thing in the 80s that rich people did, right?  I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention to rich people back then.), but it’s pretty clear that this dude is a bigot and an unapologetic one at that.

And apparently no one had a problem with it until now. Seriously, it’s not like this guy just woke up one morning and had a Michael Richards moment, he has been like this forever. And no one fucking cared until the Internet got hold of it.

Now everyone wants to wag their fingers at him and demand action be taken. Where was the moral outrage five years ago?  Or even 10? I suppose this is a case of “better late than never” but it’s clear that the Clippers are going to be under new management soon. Advertisers are fleeing so quickly that the team will be pretty unsustainable soon, not to mention the way the players have responded to the whole situation.

The league is going to have to force Sterling out for the good of the franchise, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with, however, is the fact that no one gave a fuck until now.