Roughed-Up Pin-Ups

Guest Judge:  Joe Miangenella

Flash Challenge:  Living Dolls

The artists were assigned a random model, each with her own props, that was going to be body-painted into a pin-up. Our special guest judge, El Cid from HBOs True Blood, was on hand to lend his expertise as an authority on looking amazing. Artistry was the watchword for this challenge, and Jason Clay Dunn stole the fucking show.

Daisy Dukes by Jason Clay Dunn Daisy Dukes 2 by Jason Clay Dunn

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the contest. They then had to use their airbrushed models as a reference for an actual pin-up tattoo. Good or bad, you had to use your own work as reference for something that wasn’t just going to wash off.

The winning tattoo, by a unanimous decision, went to Josh Hibbard who was in the bottom on Pin-Up day in Season 3. Whether you like him or don’t like him, you have to admit the guy puts in the hours and learns from his mistakes. The judges never slam him for the same mistake twice.

Firewoman by Josh Hibbard

Human Canvas Jury:  The human canvasses talked it over and they were as dissatisfied as the regular judges were, overall.  Too many of these Pin-Ups were just awful, really sub-par work by experienced artists who clearly don’t feel comfortable with the genre. The worst part of this experience, was that each artist on the bottom was joined by their rival at the Elimination Ceremony.

Ultimately it was a unanimous decisions that LT, the least experienced artist this season, had to go.

Pinup by LT

Fixing this tattoo is going to be close to impossible, and that is an unforgivable sin.

The Rise of Drama

I don’t watch Reality TV much, mainly because it’s a vapid wasteland for the most part. As in every wasteland, however, there are oasis, and this show is definitely one of them. For the past four seasons the quality of contestants has continuously risen, and the quality of the artwork as well. Unfortunately, it seems that the showrunners have decided that what this program really needed was the kind of ego-driven antics we normally see on other programs that use real people instead of actors.  So, this season they’ve decided to have rival tattoo artists prove to the viewing public who is actually the better artist.

Two of the more interesting rivalries occur between brothers (Jayvo Scott and Robbie Ripoll) and Season 3 vets Jason Clay Dunn and Josh Hibbard. As you may recall, Josh got plenty of flak for trying to win the competition by *gasp* using the rules of the game to his advantage. Specifically he would assign people difficult tattoos and/or canvasses.  Shocking, I know.

If I understand the purpose of the Ink Master competition, however, Josh was only proving who the best actually were, because an actual Master Tattoo artist doesn’t piss and moan about difficult canvasses. They do the job in front of them, and they do it the best they can. This is not to say that I’m in the Josh Hibbard fan club, but I do understand his tactics, and I respect them. He didn’t win the title in S3, but he did help winnow out the weaker elements.

And the weakest element this season is clearly LT who was so nervous he had to go vomit while his rival Ty’esha was taking her turn on their human canvas. Back in the loft he railed against the other artists for insulting his art, but Jason Clay Dunn quickly cut through the bullshit and made it clear:  only bad work gets you sent home. Not your personality, not your experience level relative to the others, not your gender or sexual preference.

First Round:  My Rival, My Partner

Each of the rival artists were paired up and assigned to design and execute a single tattoo on a willing canvas. The purpose of this, obviously, was to see who could get past their animosity and turn in excellent work. Three teams failed miserably, and their canvasses suffered for it.

LT, who claimed to specialize in Black and Gray, designed a Dios de la Muerte tattoo that just came out all kinds of wrong.


Tyesha and LT

Tyesha and LT

Dios de la Disaster

Dios de la Disaster







The judges looked at Mark and Ryan’s tattoo and came to the conclusion that they had fought a vicious war on their human canvas,

Mark and Ryan


Tiki by Mark and Ryan







And finally we had Caroline and Julia, who work in the same shop, trying to pull off a simple skull and roses tattoo that came out very poorly, even to a layman’s eye.


Olivia and Julia



Skull and Roses by Olivia and Julia








Elimination Round

After looking at the bad work the judges decided it was time to split the teams and let them go head-to-head to find out who was actually responsible for the loss in the first round. The catch, of course, was that each member got to pick the style their rival would work in. Clearly the goal here would be to eliminate your rival quickly by giving them a style they weren’t comfortable with. Caroline set Julia the task biomechanical (one of my favorites) and Julia picked Neo-Realism; Ty’esha gave LT color realism while, in a head scratching move, he picked cursive lettering for her. That is some Day One shit, and Oliver Peck was clearly surprised by the choice. Finally Mark set Ryan up for failure by assigning him Japanese, one of the most rigorous styles (and the specialty of Chris Nunez) with Ryan returning the compliment with color realism.

Winner:  LT

Lotus by LT


Winner:  Julia


Biomech by Julia

Winner:  Ryan

Hani mask by Ryan

The artist who had to go home, unfortunately, was Caroline. Her canvas wanted a skull and rose and, rather than learn from the previous day’s experience and show the judges her best work, she failed. The worst part was the same, shitty color for the skull that she did previously. In this competition, there is no room for error.

Neo Realism rose and skull by Caroline






Get the RAID On

Last week on Ink Master we had plenty of drama thanks to Gentle Jay accusing Scott of tracing and looking like an idiot as a result. Strangely, Jay did not seem to be aware that he looked fucking stupid. Then, at the final judging no one was eliminated, leaving us with six artists to compete this week, with one going home.

This week, likely inspired by last week’s drama, the judges decided to randomly pair up the artists and give them open canvasses. Since it can’t possibly be that easy, they also decided to up the stakes by making the artists work on the same tattoo, and forcing them to switch out every hour.

No pressure.

This time there would be no Flash Challenge, the teams would be judged as a pair. Naturally, no one wanted to be paired up with Gentle Jay, so the canvasses picked skulls and then found out who their artists would be.

The Teams

Matti and Sausage

Sausage takes a backseat on this team, allowing Matti to do the design work. This was not a good idea because the Hannya mask that Matti designed was fucking awful. From across the room (a common measure on Ink Master) the tattoo looks like a blob of color. It was uglier than home-made sin, but it was technically solid on every point.


It looks like someone took a baseball bat to a dragon. -Luke Wessman

Scott and Halo

This is definitely a powerful team, and it gives Halo a chance to study up on Scott. This is crucial because he is definitely going to be in the Finale, and anyone who wants to defeat him needs to really study. The lesson this week?  Scott is a fucking Control Freak!

In order for him to do a better job of micromanaging Halo he would have to do some Innerspace type shit. Still, they turned in a solid fucking tattoo.


Seahorse by Scott Marshall and Halo

Melissa and Gentle Jay

This team turned out to be the fucking tragedy everyone was expecting. Gentle Jay is such a self-absorbed jackass that he just doesn’t get how no one wanted to be on his team.  And Melissa refused to put on a smile and suffer through it. Their tattoo ended up looking like it was done by two separate people, which was the exact opposite of what was expected of them.

Clip Art by Melissa Monroe and Gentle Jay

Rather than send both of them home, however, we got the next twist:  a face-off.


Both artists were given an original design by Luke Wessman, a very respected artist of the American Traditional school of ink. Here’s where the rubber meets the road, as they say.

The hate for Gentle Jay was so strong that Melissa had both Matti and Scott tutoring her while she was applying the ink. She knew exactly why they were helping her, but she saw no reason to not accept their aid, a decision I wholeheartedly endorse. I’ve always like Melissa, she is a quiet, drama-free person who is a fantastic tattoo artist. And she’s smoking hot which appeals to the juvenile male aspect of me.

I just don’t think she’s ready for the title.

Panther designed by Luke Wessman, applied by Melissa Monroe

Panther by Melissa Monroe, based on a design by Luke Wessman




Panther designed by Luke Wessman, applied by Gentle Jay

Panther by Gentle Jay based on a design by Luke Wessman



Still, she survived this week and gets one step closer the prize, more than can be said of Gentle Jay.

Why Marvel Comics Is Going to Rule Hollywood

There have been a lot of comic book-based movies in the past decade, and some of them have been pretty damn amazing. Of the top ten highest grossing superhero films, six of them are Marvel characters. The others belong to Batman and Superman, respectively.

What is thy bidding, my master?

What is thy bidding, my master?

It’s not just that the technology finally caught up to where we can create an immersive action film where the audience truly believes what they are seeing, not because it makes perfect sense, but because it looks natural in its environment. No, the Marvel franchise is getting bigger and going deeper than any other because they are treating  these movies as crossover comics brought to life.

I just wish they would leave the Asgardians out of it. For some reason, it just never seems to work out.

I just wish they would leave the Asgardians out of it. For some reason, it just never seems to work out.

It takes twelve months to tell a fully detailed story like Civil War, Dark Reign, or the Evolutionary War in comics. Couple that with the various tie-ins between books, and suddenly it all becomes a confusing mess that takes serious co-ordination to pull off.

Releasing a new film every six months, however, is a lot easier to pull off. Especially with each film focusing on a different character or set of characters. The movies can reference each other easily, and you can bookend the trailer with little bonus scenes to tease viewers with upcoming films.

And now, with Agents of SHIELD and their upcoming Netflix original series, Marvel Studios continues to dominate the entertainment world by bringing comics to life. And unlike the long=running Smallville, these are all being tied together into one, well-connected web that nerds like me having been waiting a thousand years for.

Agents of SHIELD isn’t exactly on par with Breaking Bad in terms of it’s writing, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to be what it is, a damn good live-action comic book. And now that Hydra has revealed themselves, we have entirely new possibilities to explore. Agent Ward can easily become a recurring bad guy, especially now that he has Deathlok as an ally.

I love how they captured the look of him without destroying the engagement I had with the character.

I love how they captured the look of him without destroying the engagement I had with the character.

In the effort of keeping up, Warner Bros is working on 9 DC Comics-related films. I’m guessing most of them are going to involve Batman and Superman in some way, because they have been DCs only success stories in film. (Green Lantern was so bad Hal Jordan hired Matt Murdock to sue to stop production of a sequel.) And despite Wonder Woman showing up in next year’s “Batman vs Superman” it looks like Marvel is going to do a Black Widow solo film before Warner Bros even gets a Wonder Woman script written.

So, until Captain America starts supporting the Patriot Act, make mine Marvel.

The Warrior Spirit

With six artists remaining, we are closing in on the end of this season of Ink Master. The politicking this season has been pretty deep, and it’s only gotten more intense over time. Gentle Jay, who is not going to win, has grown increasingly frustrated with Scott, Halo, and Matti. Especially with Halo and Matti because Jay believes that both of these guys are being duped by Scott.

 Scott and Sausage, meanwhile, are having a rapidly intensifying catfight since Sausage doesn’t seem able to wrap his mind around the idea that friendship really has nothing to do with this competition. Every episode there is a difficult canvas (either physically or psychologically) and someone has to wear the Victim Hat. And since Sausage is one of the BEST artists in the competition, it’s not hard to see why he is constantly being thrown tough gigs.

This episode opens with a conversation between Scott and Matti agreeing that if Sausage gets one more difficult canvas it is going to stress him out and result in him turning in a bad tattoo, thus eliminating him and helping Matti rise closer to the top.

Flash Challenge

Pro boxer Brandon Rios stops by to get some custom grills for his teeth and the artists are tasked with making them. Melissa, the artist from Wisconsin, had no idea what they were talking about. Seriously, she really didn’t know what a grill was, never saw one before she had to make one, with unfamiliar tools, no less.

Still, she rose to the challenge, and turned out one of the best pieces.

Custom grill by Melissa Monroe

Custom grill by Melissa Monroe

That wishbone-looking tooth kept her from winning, however. That honor went to Scott Marshall who gained the ability to, once again, stick a needle in Sausage. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with the Vegas superstar.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 14.54.20

Custom grill by Scott Marshall

Elimination Challenge

This week’s challenge revolved around creating a detailed portrait of a warrior, any time frame, any culture. This is not surprising since a pro fighter is guest judging, and it offers the artists a chance to show off a lot of detail in weapons, armor, etc.

Scott surprised everyone by taking on a Samurai tattoo, a difficult proposition because of the elaborate, highly detailed nature of their armor. It was not, however, the most difficult of the day, however, since one canvas wanted her ribs done, and another was a complaint machine that was almost as difficult as the canvas that Sausage had to deal with last week.

Gentle Jay got stuck with a stereotypical New York dipshit who just wanted to constantly argue with him about all aspects of the design. This negativity caused Jay to make what Oliver considered to be some bad decisions, like adding extra background. Another terrible decision on his part was to go to the judges complaining that Scott was stealing images and passing them off as his own.

Unfortunately, when he showed his evidence the judges were completely unimpressed. It was pretty obvious that there was no plagiarism involved, and I’m something of an authority on plagiarism myself.

Tops and Bottoms

Viking warrior by Matti Hixson

While five artists went for B&G, there was one maverick who decided to go full color. And it turns out, Matti was right, his decision to go with color really set his tattoo off and knocked it out of the park.

On the bottom of the stack, we found Gentle Jay and Melissa, no surprises with either of those two who are, in my opinion, the weakest of the six remaining. Despite turning in good  tattoos, they found themselves getting hammered for minor details. And at this stage, minor details can become major issues.

Aztec Warrior by Melissa Monroe

Gladiator by Gentle Jay








Jay‘s canvas was an asshole, no doubt, but I do agree that the shield is a bit too dark and lacking in detail. On Melissa’s tattoo, the big thing is how the bird helmet is misaligned. Either tattoo could get the artist sent home, but the judges decided to keep everyone on for one more week, not sending anyone home.

I think that decision was motivated mainly by the needs of the network, but I’m not complaining. It will be nice to see all six of them go at it again, just to see if I’m wrong about the Final Four.