Permanent Mistakes: The Pin-Ups Gone Bad

Ink Master Episode 6

Chris “Birdman” Andersen from the Denver Nuggets came by to help Dave Navarro provide a customer’s perspective to the competition. This week they tested proportion by having all of the artists draw the Praying Hands tattoo based upon a statue in 45 minutes.

A deceptively simple design.


Flash Challenge

Now that the artists have done their design, they get to go apply it to their canvasses. Since they weren’t expecting this, a couple of them were caught flat-footed and had to fix the work on the fly. Tommy wins the challenge by fixing his proportion issues from the previous challenge which earned him the points needed to take the win.


 Elimination Tattoo

Keeping with the proportion issue the judges have decided that Pin-Up was going to be the best test since that style calls for women with exaggerated proportions, that still look good. The exaggerations have to go well together to present a pleasing image.

Léa, once again, has a difficult canvas, this one wanting his pin-up on his calf. Léa doesn’t like this because she finds the calf to be too rounded, which could mean that either she lacks the skill necessary to do this tattoo, or she really knows what she is talking about. I’m not an expert so I cannot say. The end result, however, is awful.

Tattoo by Léa Vendetta

Seriously, look at that thing. Or better yet, DON’T, you will be happier that way.

Tops and Bottoms

This challenge was a fucking catastrophe. As Chris Nuñez says in one of the cut-aways, really ugly women were being tattooed on that day. Not all of them, but enough of them to dishearten everyone who loves the Pin-Up style of skin art.

James Vaughn gave his a scary fucking smile, while Tommy drew a chick who looked like she just got out of a serious fight. This would be his first time in the bottom, and he was sweating like a whore in church the whole time.

Shane delivered one of the best tattoos, but considering the lack of real competition he faced this episode, the victory is a little diminished.

Tattoo by Shane O’Neill

while Josh gave him a serious run for his money with this New Skool pin-up that rocks the bell.s

Tattoo by Josh Woods

Unsurprisingly Léa was sent on her way, she has spent too much time in the bottom of the pack to make it to the final round. She’s good, but she’s not an Ink Master. Her work keeps swerving from awesome to horrible, and that lack of consistency finished her.