The Importance of Grammar

While I was at the SF Tattoo and Body Art Expo there were numerous in-related contests occurring. One contest that was not, overtly ink-related, was the Hottest Babe competition. The emcee, an older gent named Ink Pimp invited the ladies up to compete…and no one was interested. It took a bit of coaxing and cajoling to get the ladies to join in, and finally he only had six. 
It made me wonder if maybe the tattoo community, now that tatts are more widely seen, is changing. If maybe the culture is becoming less tolerate of things like sexism, and racism. Then I see ads like the one below from Craigslist, and I find myself wondering all over again. 
tattoo apprentice
I’m going to give Big Sean the benefit of the doubt here and recommend some further proof-reading before you post an ad on Craigslist.