This Week in Moral Outrage

As you may know, I am a defender of the right to say something that I might not like. It is that freedom that underpins our democracy, the right to say something obnoxious. When I was in junior high school one of my teachers asked us if the right to free speech extended to shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater.

Even at the age of 12 I knew that was a stupid question to ask because it should be shriekingly obvious that Free Speech does not extend to public endangerment for your own personal amusement. In fact, anytime you hear that argument being made, you can be pretty sure you are not dealing with a genius.

The reason I bring it up is because the Internet has found another reason to have a shitfit, and once again it revolves around a dumbass making sure the entire planet is aware of their stupidity. Before we begin this discussion, however, please watch the video below. I’ll wait here.

Notice how the video starts with the narrator saying “I have her on tape making racist comments, calling me nigger.”  It does not start with her saying that, but you don’t have to wait long for it to happen. Well, I guess that depends on how you define “not long” because for the first 1:37 seconds it’s mostly the narrator talking to her, and her distractedly responding. The 1:35 part is the key, I think because it is at that point that he says “So you called me a nigger and I’m supposed to just sit back, huh?

My question is…exactly what the fuck did he think his options were?  Beating her ass?  Filing charges against her for using a slur?  I seriously want to know…what did he plan to do?

Please note that I am NOT defending this woman, I’m just asking why he felt it necessary to sit in his vehicle and engage this moron. What did he hope to gain from this?  An apology?  A dialogue on the importance of judging someone by their character or their actions as opposed to their appearance? A little Internet Drama, perhaps?  Because if that’s what he wanted, she sure delivered!  At the 2 minute mark she unleashes the crazy for the full enjoyment of the YouTube audience.

It’s not until the 3:22 mark that he closes his windows to shut out the sound of her stupidity. He doesn’t leave though, instead he sits there recording this woman as she silently screams at him when she isn’t yelling into her cell phone. WHY?!

It’s not like she is going to see herself on YouTube and suddenly realize how stupid she is. I would not put money down that she will be brushing her teeth and suddenly say “OH MY GOD I’M A RACIST?!  The FUCK is wrong with me?!


You know why that won’t happen?  Because life doesn’t fucking live that way!

The woman, Janelle Ambrosia, apparently works as a stripper, an occupation that doesn’t generally attract the sharpest of intellects so I really don’t get why anyone thinks this is news. Yes, I know there must be literally MILLIONS of strippers who are doing it just to work their way through college and I shouldn’t be defaming the noble profession of exotic dancer, but offending people seems to be what I do best. Go with your strengths, right?

I’m gonna be a cardiologist! teehee!

On the spectrum of racist bullshit, the idiocy in that video barely even registers. And yet, people are busy losing their shit over it because RACISM BAD!

Hulk angry people are judged by color of their skin. All color, not just green.

Maybe one day our species will evolve beyond the need to hate people based on skin tone, but that day, unfortunately is not today. As the eminent sociologists at Insane Clown Posse so eloquently said “If not your (skin) tone, they’ll hate your size.”

Racism and sexism don’t work based on logic, they work based on stupidity and insecurity. This woman isn’t going to change her beliefs or behavior because the Internet admonishes her, and I somehow doubt the guy who took the video is going to get more airtime than she is. In fact, how many news articles even name him?

Meanwhile, she is being interviewed by news agencies, invited to tell her story on the radio, and I would bet money one of the skin magazines offers her some money for a photo shoot. So, good job making her famous, Unidentified Victim of a Racist Tirade. You have truly made the world a better place by bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE 6/6/2014:

The victim of what is calling “a vicious racial assault” is named Narvell Benning. He is contemplating the idea of pressing charges against Mrs. Ambrosia, and I hope he follows through because otherwise our society is doomed. You may send condolence cards and any donations to the grieving family of Mr. Benning who may never recover from the emotional scarring.


Is That Racism?

Over the weekend the world was shocked when well of evil TMZ released audio of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling arguing with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. The source of the argument seems to be that Ms. Stiviano (who is half black-half Mexican) has recently posted some photos on Instagram. The photos weren’t racy or out of control, unless you happened to live in the 19th Century American South.

This was actually a big concern for some people at one point.

You see, Ms. Stiviano had apparently been taking photos with basketball legend and unapologetic Negro Magic Johnson, among other known black people. This was apparently unacceptable to Sterling who , while apparently completely content with the idea of her bringing Johnson over to the house and fucking him (I’m not making that up), he draws the line at her publishing photos of herself with black people, or bringing them to his games. Did I mention that Donald Sterling owns the LA Clippers, the NBA team?

This story seems so bizarre that it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening. It’s been twenty years since the Marge Schott incident in baseball, and here we are again. This time, however, the team owner in question isn’t just casually throwing out racial slurs while butt-chugging vodka (That was a thing in the 80s that rich people did, right?  I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention to rich people back then.), but it’s pretty clear that this dude is a bigot and an unapologetic one at that.

And apparently no one had a problem with it until now. Seriously, it’s not like this guy just woke up one morning and had a Michael Richards moment, he has been like this forever. And no one fucking cared until the Internet got hold of it.

Now everyone wants to wag their fingers at him and demand action be taken. Where was the moral outrage five years ago?  Or even 10? I suppose this is a case of “better late than never” but it’s clear that the Clippers are going to be under new management soon. Advertisers are fleeing so quickly that the team will be pretty unsustainable soon, not to mention the way the players have responded to the whole situation.

The league is going to have to force Sterling out for the good of the franchise, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with, however, is the fact that no one gave a fuck until now.



The Many Faces of MLK Day

Here’s a random sampling of how various websites are honoring Dr. King’s memory. They’ve been inserted in no particular order.

The Snooty Set

The New Yorker gives us a music playlist so we can have a soundtrack for Dr. King’s dream.  Since it’s the New Yorker don’t expect to find Rage Against the Machine, although I was surprised to find Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get to Arizona” on the list.  Also, the track list is a bit smaller than I would have expected, only seven artists.

Meanwhile, over at The Guardian UK we find Glenn Greenwald reminding us of MLK’s antiwar stance.  It’s a great read, and an important one since little about US foreign policy has changed in the past 5 decades.


Eat your heart out, Billy Dee.


 The Snotty Set




We’ were going to take the high road and skip the easy jokes about Rush. Which meant you would have just gotten a picture, no caption.

Over on Alternet they are using this day to kick one of their favorite dogs, Rush Limbaugh.  Not that I can blame them, really, he kinda deserves anything he gets. Especially since the article is 3 goddamn pages long.

While you’re there.,check out this editorial they have reminding everyone that Dr. King was fiercely opposed to certain policies and practices of the US government.  Namely, most of them.

Allies or Adversaries?  That's the real question.

Allies or Adversaries? That’s the real question.

And there’s this piece filled with trivia about Dr. King that some may have heard before.

One thing I noticed while scouting the web this morning:  not many headlines about Dr. King today.  Which, if I’m not mistaken, is MLK Day.  It’s seems like everyone did their blog entries and news articles about him last week, then moved on.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they will be posted later, after all it’s only 2 pm on the East Coast.  Still plenty of time for those stories to be filed.