2013 Box Office Line-Up Part 2

The Lone Ranger

I have always been a fan of the Lone Ranger, and when I heard he was returning to the big screen, I was pretty stoked.  It’s a great character, one I have my own particular views about.  So the idea of a good, solid western sounded great.


Instead we get Jack Sparrow in the Old West.  This looks silly to me…and not a good silly, either.  More like a Wild, Wild, West silly.

OPENS: July 3, 2013



The Wolverine

When I heard they were making another Wolverine movie, I was hoping they were going to reboot and pretend the first never happened.  Instead, they have decided to acknowledge it in marketing, at least.


They have excellent source material to work with, Chris Claremont’s original Wolverine series was an instant classic and added some serious depth to the character.  Let’s hope they redeem the franchise.TheWolverine_poster

If they drop the ball again, I am going to be seriously put out.


OPENS:  July 26, 2013




Neil Blongkamp of District 9 fame is back for more sci-fi action.  Matt Damon and Jodie Foster are headlining, so this could be good.  Expect a rush of critiques exploring how it is a commentary on our imbalanced economy.

OPENS:  August 9, 2013



The World’s End


This is another outing with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz).  Are we pretending Paul never happened?  We are?  Okay, cool.

OPENS: October 25, 2013



Ender’s Game

This one is going to be big.  I don’t see a franchise here, which is nice, to be honest with you.  Sometimes there is no other story that needs to be told.


OPENS:  November 1, 2013



Thor:  The Dark World


I enjoyed the first episode in the franchise.  It was uneven, and silly at times, but it was still entertaining.  And Chris Hensworth proved in The Avengers that he could hold his own in an ensemble cast that had some serious dynamite in it.  I’m willing to give this one a glance, see where it’s headed.

OPENS: November 8, 2013




The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire

Since I’m not a teenage girl, I didn’t read The Hunger Games.  However, I do have a Lady in my life who enjoys books like this one, and so I took her to see the movie.  It certainly had it’s problems, but I think some of the criticisms were nit-picky.  It was a fun movie, and I will likely be taking my lady to see Catching Fire.

OPENS:  Nov. 22, 2013


The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug

Someone needs to sit Peter Jackson down and have a talk with him.  He needs to understand that not every movie he makes needs to be 3 hours long.  Sometimes that works (The Fellowship of the Ring 178 minutes) because the tale is truly epic in scope.  And sometimes, you get the feeling that maybe things are being dragged out a little longer than necessary (The Two Towers 179 minutes, The Return of the King 201 minutes) in order to highlight some technical artistry, maybe.

Then the director does a completely different movie (King Kong),yet he makes it so long (187 minutes) that you wonder if he left anything on the cutting room floor.

Then he gives us The Hobbit, as a trilogy.  And each installment promises to be an Epic (An Unexpected Journey was 169 minutes), which is pretty unfortunate, because we know he is really stretching the source material thin.

OPENS:  December 13, 2013